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Paul Bezooyen


Released August 2012

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9 track Debut CD released 2006 - Digitally remastered - 10th Anniversary Edition released 2016

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The Hermit's Music

A Collaboration of Vancouver Island Songwriters

Where do I begin ? Writing about yourself is a difficult task. At present, I am thrilled to be surrounded by a community of songwriters who, through the process of collaboration, have become my best friends. So, you may be left wondering " why the Hermit's Music ? ".

Since my late teens, songwriting has always been my main focus. I never envisioned myself as a performer. My joy was in creating music that I was passionate about and proud of. This was typically a solitary endeavor. Being shy and introverted, public performance of my music was never a pleasant experience however, I did want my music to be heard, in hopes that it would be enjoyed by others.

Throughout the eighties and nineties, I was encouraged by some "commercial" recognition when I was commissioned to score and record theme music for some ACCESS television programs and various PSAs. During this time I was heavily involved in co-writing, recording and performing with various folk ensembles .

Still, I was a Hermit at heart. You can imagine the hours of solitary creative fun I enjoyed working with my first multitrack recorder in the mid eighties. WOW, 4 tracks. Now I could record harmonies and second guitar parts. Then, in the late nineties, digital technology allowed me to record MIDI and multiple analogue tracks... and burn my own CD's, all from the comfort of my home studio !!

Water Under The Bridge marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. this first CD was created entirely as a solo project. It presents a wide range of musical styles including new age, folk, jazz, country.... This is simply a reflection of my desire to always create outside of my comfort zone and push myself to grow in my skills and creative output.

Moving to the BC coast was the next chapter. In 2006 I was able to devote much more time to music and I became much more confident and comfortable meeting other musicians and songwriters. This opportunity to collaborate with other songwriters energized my creative process. It pushed me to learn new ways of playing. All of this culminated in a new solo instrumental CD:  Out of the Blue.  Again, this CD is all over the map with respect to styles because it reflects my desire to experiment and explore.

In the spring of 2016 I inherited a nice old Biddle Piano. This beautiful early 1900's piano has opened up new musical mountains to explore. 2017 will see me back into "Hermit Mode" crafting and publishing a new solo CD. It will no doubt be as varied in sound, texture and style as the others... we'll see where the process takes me.

For me, music is ultimately an emotional and cathartic outlet. What we create and what others bring to the music is recorded and made available for your enjoyment. Hope it will bring you as much joy listening as we've had creating.

Video Links: Out of the Blue    Cathedral