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Fire On The HorizonFire On The Horizon

Released Feb. 2016


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Debut Album Released 2013

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The Hermit's Music

A cooperative association of Vancouver Island Songwriters

The spring of 2009 was a turning point for Dave Kilbank and Paul Bezooyen. After each had spent over 30 years in the music business, writing, producing and recording for television, radio, and solo CD's, an experiment in collaboration developed into a productive and prolific partnership.

Dave and Paul created their record label " The Hermit's Music " for the express purpose of bringing a collaborative group of musicians and songwriters together and contributing to each other's music projects. Experience, and a passion for detail have combined to produce recordings of superior quality.

Their live performances are typical of many Singer / Songwriter acts. There is little pretense to be flashy "entertainers". Centered on solid guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies, they have a passion for the alchemy of words and present music honestly... with a desire to connect their audience to universal themes and emotions.

Dave and Paul are in their element when performing house concerts, folk clubs and coffee houses. They are currently available for the Music for Dessert - Mini House Concert Series. For booking information contact Paul:
- by Phone at (250) 754-9896
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On their debut collaborative project, Travelers (The Hermit’s Music, 2013), veteran Nanaimo singer-songwriters Dave Kilbank and Paul Bezooyen set out their stall as musicians seeking answers to big questions. The album examined our individual and collective human journeys - the unpredictability, joys, sorrows and fragility we all face – as we try to make sense of it all on this tiny globe nestled into the infinity of space.

Heady stuff indeed, but Travelers also offered lighter, optimistic moments in reflection of Kilbank and Bezooyen’s personal philosophies of carpe-ing the heck out of any given diem! Life is fleeting, they said, so we should try to make the best of every day, while not forgetting what is important, and what as a species we need to continue working on as we do so. In this respect, despite its overarching searching themes, it proved to be a life-affirming project that, while raising thought provoking points, also strongly suggested that we embrace the simple pleasures of life.

In some ways Fire on the Horizon picks up where Travelers left off, but there is definitely a more sombre tone and edginess to some of the material. In the three years since the latter’s release the world has, for many reasons, undeniably become a darker place, so in reflection of that Kilbank and Bezooyen have continued to focus on mutual issues of the day, grasping for answers along the way. Indeed, in using the fire of the title as a metaphor for any challenging event, whether personal or shared, in their own words this fine and thoughtful sophomore release concerns itself with “staying on course when there always seems to be a fire on the horizon.” READ MORE...

By Dave Morrison