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The Hermits Music Project

A collaboration by Bob Enns, Dave Kilbank and Paul Bezooyen 

Bob, Dave and PaulBob, Dave and Paul

What do you get when three songwriters, each with very diverse styles, decide to collaborate ?

If you are familiar with their respective solo work, you'll find that this cross-pollination of talent has produced new and fresh textures to their respective songs.

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  Way Down in the Alley epitomizes the ideals at The Hermit’s Music record  label: 

Collaboration produces work that exceeds the abilities of an individual effort. 

Dave Kilbank, Bob Enns and Paul Bezooyen have very diverse approaches to writing and producing songs. Their respective styles are exemplified by the solo projects published by The Hermit’s Music label. This new collaborative album challenged each of them to be open to letting someone else get their fingerprints all over their songs.

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Listen using the player below.  Visit the BandCamp Page for digital download and additional content like lyrics, credits and more